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October 2014
Dane Pitarresi, President of SKIDCAR System, Inc., accepts the prestigious 2014 "Z-Man Achievement Award"
The ALERT International Z-Man Achievement Award was born in memory of Mark Y. Zylawy, a highly regarded Portland police officer who died January 27, 2008 in a tragic and untimely accident at the age of 40. The annual award represents what he stood for regarding Emergency Vehicle Operations Training, being very outspoken about officers using the latest and most progressive training material available, and for the best innovative idea in police driver training. SKIDCAR System, Inc. was honored with the Z-Man Achievement Award due to their ongoing pioneering efforts to educate and train law enforcement on the latest new generation vehicle technology, specifically Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

The ESC WORKSHOP by SKIDCAR System, Inc. is an exclusive training program updating officers on the understanding of the Electronic Stability Control systems installed in all modern police vehicles. Due to this technology, possible changes in driving habits could be critical in avoiding unexpected, or even lethal, outcomes. Through this workshop, ESC systems are exposed, explained, and understood through a proprietary classroom course presentation and hands-on driver training with the SKIDCAR SYSTEMŽ.

Training Center Receives $1.4M Anonymous Donation!

Allan Hancock College's Public Safety Training Complex is set to enhance its fire training, as well as its high speed track training, thanks to an anonymous donation of more than $1.4 million.

The college reports that one of the first pieces of equipment purchased with the new funds is a flashover simulator/trainer. A second use of the funds will help to fund critical components of the facility's Emergency Vehicles Operations Course (EVOC). According to Public Safety Associate Dean David Senior, the EVOC's city grid and scenario village were the most important components of the training course that required additional funds to complete and were not included in the original construction scope. The gift will help build out those facilities, as well as provide the dollars needed to incorporate lighting, status lights and other amenities at the track. The track enhancements are being designed now.

"This is one of the largest gifts in the history of the college, and it is fitting that it supports a facility that focuses on building careers in public service," said Kevin Walthers, Hancock's superintendent/president. "And to know that those public safety professionals, in turn, will save lives in the long course of their careers makes the gift all the more incredible."

Hancock's $38 million, 68-acre complex is one of the leading public safety training centers in the western U.S., serving both new public safety professionals, and veterans who train for emergencies year-round.

For more details and a full report on the Anonymous Donation visit this link.

Citizens Submit Their Questions
Q & A 

The questions below
were asked (submitted) by non public safety professionals. We found some of the questions to be interesting, funny, and some insightful. Click on the answer to read responses or add your own.  



Q:  Why does water not catch fire, but instead extinguishes it? What is the scientific reason?


Q: How do police deal with deaf people?
A: (answer) 

Q:  What is the effect of wind force on fire? How much wind helps ignite fire, how much wind will extinguish a fire?
A: (answer)  

Q:  Can an police officer be arrested in uniform?
A: (answer)  



Skidcar System


The SKIDCAR SYSTEMŽ is an advanced driver training solution that teaches drivers to anticipate car control problems before they occur. With SKIDCAR™, drivers experience exactly how a vehicle will behave in situations that can cause traction loss, including adverse weather, excessive speed, rapid braking or steering errors. But unlike other programs that simply teach reactionary motor skills, SKIDCAR trains drivers to think, maintain control, and avoid trouble ahead of time.


FIREBLAST  Global    


With the significant expansion of our business from the North American market to the International stage, Fireblast is now embracing our new DBA, Fireblast Global. This change will undoubtedly solidify our vision at Fireblast Global to be the World's leading provider of Advanced Fire Training Simulators.  As such, Fireblast Global will continue to exemplify our commitment to Integrity, Innovation, and Intellect, always keeping at the forefront, the customer's needs for the most realistic, and technically advanced training environments. Please visit our newly designed website,, for a complete listing of all products for your agency's training needs.   


Kidde Fire Trainers 


Kidde Fire Trainers brings together the proven leaders in the industry to offer the broadest range of fire training solutions to meet your training needs. With more than 30 years of live fire training knowledge, Kidde Fire Trainers has the experience that instills confidence. Count on Kidde to deliver innovative training systems, installed on time and within budget.




FAAC Incorporated builds and delivers high-fidelity driver training simulator systems for public safety and emergency response agencies. FAAC simulators are used primarily to develop higher cognitive driving functions such as judgment, multi-tasking, and decision-making in high-risk, low-frequency situations. In addition, simulators are used for teaching SOPs, incident command, and building muscle memory for basic driving techniques. Instructors replay the student's driving exercise for critique and remediation opportunities.


MILO Range Kinect 


IES Interactive Training is a world-leading manufacturer of advanced interactive force-option decision/response simulators and firearms training systems.  IES's award winning MILO Range training simulator systems are selected by agencies interested in improving weapons and force-option deployment skills, decision-making and cognitive thinking skills, and measuring individual and collective tactical and technical skills in law enforcement, public safety and combat environments.



Drager's comprehensive portfolio of both Class A and B professional fire training props, as well as custom configurable SCBA confidence mazes, allow solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of individual fire departments, giving Fire Fighters the ability to practice in a safe environment.  Whether you are looking for a fixed or mobile solution, let the experts at Drager help you design the solution that is right for you.  

Responder Gateway has been designed to make it easy to find exactly what's going on in the world of the emergency responder. One place. One stop. One source. This site is a great resource for anyone who wants to stay up to date about various subjects within the first responder industry and doesn't have time to waste. 


SKIDCAR SYSTEM, Inc.   Recognized for ESC Education

Cape Fear Community College stages Fireblast training

Class B Burn Room Award to Draeger

Incident management simulators Gaining Acceptance

Minnesota Symposium on Terrorism and Emergency Preparedness (M-STEP) 2014



Firefighters spraying jet fuel instead of water during training to continue 


First responders get FEMA training in Alabama to continue 

New State Training Academy in Massachusetts to continue 


Envisage Technologies Partners with Armory Capital to continue 

Police say $5.4 million training facility is needed for your safety to continue   


New Community College fire training facility opens in North Carolina to continue 

Police and Fire Depts. lease space for new training facility to continue 


Is new Police gun range worth $5.4 million? to continue 

New ARFF Training Simulator in UK opens to continue 

Deadly Force: The Training Police 'Never Want To Use' to continue 


20 Year Later Ground Broken for Lemery Training Facility to continue 


Police Academy cadet accidentally shot in leg during training to continue 

Hoping for bond approval in todays election for new training center to continue 

State provides $1 million for firefighter training to continue 

New simulator helps Omaha police to continue 


National Firefighter FSTAR Training program to continue  


Mayor defends plan for additional firefighter training to continue  


Policeman arrested on DUI charge during training to continue    


Simulator training for police may help save lives to continue    






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