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November 2015
Shoot or Don't Shoot;
Police Simulation Training 

By Tori Clark

ROCKFORD (WREX) - Officers often must juggle public safety and public scrutiny. One thing that helps Rockford Police is the Use of Force Simulator, which puts people in cops shoes. This training tool can put the pressures of the officer's job in prospective.

The simulation is a projected DVD on a white screen. A scenario is chosen for you and you suit up.

The trainees have equipment that reacts to the simulation on the projector. They have a handgun or a taser. These items are tracked and simulated through lasers.

One scenario they run through is a dispatcher sends them to an abandoned building break in. Suddenly a suspect pops up and is hiding one of his hands. The suspect does not listen to the officer when asked to put his hands up. He instead quickly raises a staple gun and shoots.

Detective Chris Aldrich, Rockford Police Training Unit, says most of the people going through this simulation shoots the man.

"He makes a sudden movement pulls out a bright shinny object that appeared to you to be a weapon," Aldrich explains, "The weapon could harm you or another officer or someone else in that building."   . . . click to continue   

Citizens Submit Their Questions
Q & A 

The questions below
were asked (submitted) by non public safety professionals. We found some of the questions to be interesting, funny, and some insightful. Click on the answer to read responses or add your own.  
Q:  Do the families of undercover police officers know they are undercover?
Q: What's the situation of fire fighters' educational background structure?
A: (answer) 

Q:  What happens to police officers who go to prison?
A: (answer)

Q:  What would happen if American police officers were prohibited from carrying firearms?
A: (answer)

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With the significant expansion of our business from the North American market to the International stage, Fireblast is now embracing our focus as Fireblast Global. This change will undoubtedly solidify our vision at Fireblast Global to be the World's leading provider of Advanced Fire Training Simulators.  As such, Fireblast Global will continue to exemplify our commitment to Integrity, Innovation, and Intellect, always keeping at the forefront, the customer's needs for the most realistic, and technically advanced training environments. Please visit our newly designed website,, for a complete listing of all products for your agency's training needs.        


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Kidde Fire Trainers brings together the proven leaders in the industry to offer the broadest range of fire training solutions to meet your training needs. With more than 30 years of live fire training knowledge, Kidde Fire Trainers has the experience that instills confidence. Count on Kidde to deliver innovative training systems, installed on time and within budget.




IES Interactive Training is a world-leading manufacturer of advanced interactive force-option decision/response simulators and firearms training systems.  IES's award winning MILO Range training simulator systems are selected by agencies interested in improving weapons and force-option deployment skills, decision-making and cognitive thinking skills, and measuring individual and collective tactical and technical skills in law enforcement, public safety and combat environments.



Fire Training Systems  


Drager's comprehensive portfolio of both Class A and B professional fire training props, as well as custom configurable SCBA confidence mazes, allow solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of individual fire departments, giving Fire Fighters the ability to practice in a safe environment.  Whether you are looking for a fixed or mobile solution, let the experts at Drager help you design the solution that is right for you.  




Envisage is a high tech software company founded in 2001 to automate complex training operations for first responders and the military. We create solutions that make our world a safer place. Our mission is to improve the readiness of our Nation's public safety professionals to ensure they come home alive. The company's training and compliance software platform leads the industry, serving over 1,000,000 first responders and 8,600 public safety departments, across multiple states and the Federal Government.  Our clients are federal law enforcement agencies, including the U. S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and many state law enforcement and public safety organizations ( Twitter: 

Responder Gateway has been designed to make it easy to find exactly what's going on in the world of the emergency responder. One place. One stop. One source. This site is a great resource for anyone who wants to stay up to date about various subjects within the first responder industry and doesn't have time to waste. 

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Live Webinar:  Start Creating Your Legacy. New models for training center sustainability

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 'No routine stops' for cops training to continue

FSTI has provided training to the volunteer public safety community since 2006. It has been our mission to provide high quality training to firefighters while at the same time promoting community safety.

Fire Services Training Institute (FSTI) is a non-profit public benefit corporation with both state and federal tax exempt status.


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