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March 2015
Public Safety Training Foundations,
A Good Path to Support
Many public safety agencies have embraced the concept of public-private partnerships by working with various private sector entities that wish to provide ongoing financial support to a training center or facility. The structure for doing so frequently takes the form of a not-for-profit corporation that is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

These Public Safety Training Center Foundations generally enjoy tax-exempt status pursuant to Section 501(c) (3) of the federal Internal Revenue Code. They typically solicit and receive public and private donations, gifts, grants, memorials, and bequests of money, property, and services that support training of fire, police, EMS, emergency management, other public agency personnel, and related private sector employees.

Examples of existing foundations include:

The Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy (NIPSTA) Foundation. Founded in 2006. It is governed by a five-member Board of Directors. This Foundation supports:
  • Development of a diverse public safety curriculum
  • Design and implementation of state-of-the-art training props
  • Expansion of NIPSTA facilities, programs, and services
  • Enhancement of emergency preparedness and response
  • Improvements in community safety that result from better-trained personnel 
Their web site lists over 60 private-sector foundation contributors.
    Web Site:

The Nassau County (New York) Police Department Foundation. It is governed by a fourteen-member Board of Directors and was formed to help make the vision of the new Nassau County Center for Law Enforcement Training and Intelligence a reality. The Nassau County Police Department sought to explore using a public/private partnership to get this project accomplished. With this in mind, a group of concerned business leaders established the Nassau County Police Department Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation. This entity will help provide private monies to establish the new Center
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Citizens Submit Their Questions
Q & A 

The questions below
were asked (submitted) by non public safety professionals. We found some of the questions to be interesting, funny, and some insightful. Click on the answer to read responses or add your own.  



Q:  What is it like to be the spouse of a firefighter?


Q: What's standard police procedure for approaching an armed suspect?
A: (answer) 

Q:  How do firefighters extract water when it's below freezing?
A: (answer)
Q: What is the correct procedure for a lower police officer in terms of acknowledgement of a higher ranking police officer?
A: (answer)  



Skidcar System


The SKIDCAR SYSTEMŽ is an advanced driver training solution that teaches drivers to anticipate car control problems before they occur. With SKIDCAR™, drivers experience exactly how a vehicle will behave in situations that can cause traction loss, including adverse weather, excessive speed, rapid braking or steering errors. But unlike other programs that simply teach reactionary motor skills, SKIDCAR trains drivers to think, maintain control, and avoid trouble ahead of time.


FIREBLAST  Global    


With the significant expansion of our business from the North American market to the International stage, Fireblast is now embracing our focus as Fireblast Global. This change will undoubtedly solidify our vision at Fireblast Global to be the World's leading provider of Advanced Fire Training Simulators.  As such, Fireblast Global will continue to exemplify our commitment to Integrity, Innovation, and Intellect, always keeping at the forefront, the customer's needs for the most realistic, and technically advanced training environments. Please visit our newly designed website,, for a complete listing of all products for your agency's training needs.      


Kidde Fire Trainers 


Kidde Fire Trainers brings together the proven leaders in the industry to offer the broadest range of fire training solutions to meet your training needs. With more than 30 years of live fire training knowledge, Kidde Fire Trainers has the experience that instills confidence. Count on Kidde to deliver innovative training systems, installed on time and within budget.




FAAC Incorporated builds and delivers high-fidelity driver training simulator systems for public safety and emergency response agencies. FAAC simulators are used primarily to develop higher cognitive driving functions such as judgment, multi-tasking, and decision-making in high-risk, low-frequency situations. In addition, simulators are used for teaching SOPs, incident command, and building muscle memory for basic driving techniques. Instructors replay the student's driving exercise for critique and remediation opportunities.




IES Interactive Training is a world-leading manufacturer of advanced interactive force-option decision/response simulators and firearms training systems.  IES's award winning MILO Range training simulator systems are selected by agencies interested in improving weapons and force-option deployment skills, decision-making and cognitive thinking skills, and measuring individual and collective tactical and technical skills in law enforcement, public safety and combat environments.



Drager's comprehensive portfolio of both Class A and B professional fire training props, as well as custom configurable SCBA confidence mazes, allow solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of individual fire departments, giving Fire Fighters the ability to practice in a safe environment.  Whether you are looking for a fixed or mobile solution, let the experts at Drager help you design the solution that is right for you.  

Responder Gateway has been designed to make it easy to find exactly what's going on in the world of the emergency responder. One place. One stop. One source. This site is a great resource for anyone who wants to stay up to date about various subjects within the first responder industry and doesn't have time to waste. 


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Virtual Driver Essentials

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 Lack Of Training, Staffing Shortages Criticized At Meeting to continue 

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16 new recruits, 10 more than planned for Anchorage Fire Department ups its numbers to continue 

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State Police trooper dies during training to continue 


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City Fire Department forced out of training facility to continue 

Police receive dog training after fatal shooting to continue 

Communities face firefighter shortage and aging of volunteer crews to continue 

Trenton police recruit kicked out of academy for cheating starts training with new class to continue 

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FOP: Police training in Cincinnati model for nation, still work in progress to continue  


Budget plan to ax firefighter training program to continue    


Department adjusting to loss of training facility to continue  


Fatal Shooting Prompts Residents to Call for Training Overhaul at San Jose PD to continue   


D.C. Fire Chief: All Firefighters to Get Metro Training to continue

Pittsburgh police, zookeepers training to handle 'dangerous animal' incidents to continue  


Eliminating overtime, changing time, location of firefighter training could save $80K to continue   


Dog shootings prompt pet owners, cops to lobby lawmakers for police training to continue 

Firefighters receives hands-on derailment training to continue  




FSTI has provided training to the volunteer public safety community since 2006. It has been our mission to provide high quality training to firefighters while at the same time promoting community safety.

Fire Services Training Institute (FSTI) is a non-profit public benefit corporation with both state and federal tax exempt status.


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