Training helped police officer survive

Another story in the How My Training Saved My Life series. This time a police officer directly attributes his training to saving his life.


Fort Wayne police have shifted officer training to less classroom time and more role playing in real-life scenarios.  It’s something they say may have saved Officer Treven Brown’s life when he wrestled a firing gun out of a suspect’s hand Friday.

FWPD: Training helped officer survive being shot at

Juan Barrientes with the FWPD training division said Officer Brown did as he was trained when he controlled the suspect’s hands.  It’s FWPD’s number one priority when preparing officers for what has been a violent year.

“I’m glad that he was able to apply some of the training concepts and principles that we use in a real world application and was allowed to go home safely that night,” Barrientes said.

There have been 18 homicides in Allen County so far in 2013.  A handful of times, Fort Wayne police have shot and killed a suspect.  These violent statistics have leaders at FWPD saying this shift in training, couldn’t have come at a better time.

It has been said many times, “It all starts at the police academy!” Once again this success story proves the old say to be true!

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