Thank you; Policeman, Firefighter, my good friends

As we move into the Christmas season, cards are starting to arrive in the mail, phone calls to family members are at full throttle (asking who is coming who is not) and, of course, comes the annual ritual of hanging the outdoor lights. As the pace quickens and holiday music fills the airwaves, please take a moment to visit these links: (1) The CBS Sunday Morning Show segment that featured Steven Koeser

and (2) the tribute to all volunteer firefighters and tragic death of San Diego Police Officer Christopher Wilson (my home town). I mention these two because they touched me in different ways — the smiling face of Firefighter Koeser’s four-year-old daughter, Lexus, trying so hard to understand and holding on to her Mom, and report of two homeless men who donated $20, their day’s collection money from “canning,” (lingo for collecting cans and bottles to recycle) to the Wilson family. Here are two links that everyone reading this newsletter should visit and visit often.

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

It’s a bit early for New Year’s resolutions, but at the top of my list will be to say a “Thank you” to every policeman or fireman I come in contact with in 2011. I am not a fireman or policeman but have had the privilege to watch, listen and work alongside so many over the past twenty years. I have seen the unbelievably hard work they do and the valuable services (often unsung) they perform. We pick up maxims in life; one of mine is, “I could never be a fireman or policeman, I’m not brave enough.” It usually brings a smile or laugh — the reality is that it is so very true. So let me start my New Year today by saying, “Thank you, my good friends.”

Wishing Everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday Season,
Bill Booth