Meridian, Idaho

I want to say Thank You!  You and your team did a phenomenal job for us and your work in the beginning paid off for us.  I can’t express how grateful we are for your help and the work product you provided for our project.  Thanks again and let your team know how much we appreciate their efforts. (Note: There training center project was approved for funding and go forward by City the Meridian City Council)

“ Tracy Basterrechea – Deputy Chief ”

Kansas City Police Department

The Interact Group was vital to our success in getting approval for a new police academy. Anytime somebody in an organization puts together a business plan, as we had, it’s suspect. We’d been accused of trying to build a Taj Mahal. Bill Booth put a lot of work in with our people, gathering information and putting it through his programs. The Interact Group plan was pretty close to what we had come up with. The difference was when we took it before the city council, they were able to go out to the community with it. We never again had our credibility questioned. The big thing with The Interact Group is Bill Booth, because he’s what makes it work. There’s never been an instance when I called him and he wasn’t right there. He’s very people-oriented.

Woodland Fire Department

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Interact’s work. Sometimes when you hire a consultant, what you buy is your own work product. That wasn’t the case here. I know that because I’ve worked on other development projects. When we go out to sell this, it’s going to be the same financial people who finance hotels. This plan has to be the same quality, and it is.

State of Indiana

Thank you for the hard work you put into the Fire Academy Study you conducted for the Public Safety Institute Board of Directors. The report shows a need for an academy in Indiana. This is the of information we must have for the legislature to even consider funding for the facility. We are appreciate all of your efforts.

Indiana Fire Training Board

Bill, just a quick note to thank you for the professional presentation to the Public Safety Training Institute (PSTI) Board. No matter the long-term outcome of Indiana’s development surrounding fire service training, you and your company are to be congratulated for a job well done.

City Architect, Kansas City

The Interact Group process opened our eyes to things we wouldn’t have normally thought about — looking at it from a teaching perspective rather than just a space perspective, the size and configuration of classrooms, circulation among classrooms.

Estero Fire Rescue

The business plan helps give us direction . It’s allowed someone from outside to take a look and identify things we might not have because it’s too close to us.

Sparks, Nevada

Developing our plans for a Regional Public Safety Training Center has been simplified thanks to The INTERact Group’s professionally prepared Business Plan as well as The INTERact Group’s ability to develop a consensus among the groups involved.

Astoria, Oregon

Bill Booth and Interact Business Group people understand what it means to provide excellent service. They know how to work effectively with a variety of managers and departments. The INTERact Group put our plans and objectives for our Marine Fire Training Center into a concise organized Business Plan that continues to serve us well. I would highly recommend The INTERact Group if you are planning a facility.

“ Interactgroup ”

San Bernardino, California

The INTERact Group scope of services is remarkable. The Business Plan they developed was complete and covered all aspects of equipment, facility, and training class needs and personnel requirements. The Business Plan they developed was a major factor for us getting our funding.