Police, Fire Budgets, Not a Pretty Picture

I dont want to come off as Mr. Negative but Reading the WSJ On-line article really stuck a cord with me. Everyday I speak with police and fire departments and usually its about money and budgets. This daily back and forth has given me a front roll seat on the front lines of the local municipality budget crisis. After nearly 30 years involvement in the world of public safety I have not seen things this bad. In many cases, forget about replacing retirements with new recruits. Departments are, in many cases, not all, just not hiring. As a way to cut budgets, staff is being reduced by attrition. I have not seen many actual layoffs of police and fireman, that still seems to be viewed as the very last resort. As the months move-on this will be an interesting trend to watch. Budget deficits constitute real money meaning this is money that is really owed. Just like your personal credit card, you borrowed the money and the bank wants it back! I do not know how the budget crisis is going to end. I think is a solid bet that it will not end soon and it will not be pretty.
“States Face New Pinch as Stimulus Ebbs”