Training Center Needs Assessment Software

Many factors contribute to the successful planning and operation of a public safety training center. This first step in the business planning process is the Training Needs Assessment. The needs assessment identifies exactly what facilities such as classrooms, training props and infrastructure are needed. The needs assessment identifies, documents and validates these requirements not only for the short term but for many years to come. After collecting this large amount of data it then must be organized stored and be retrievable in a format that is useful to the training center planners. For this reason we developed the Training Center Needs Assessment Software, specifically for public safety training centers. The software database created in Microsoft Access® enables IBG to quickly and efficiently enter data for each training class; and then organize it, sort it, and create customized reports.

The Bottom Line:

  • What is it?—It is a tool that we use for each training center business plan project. It saves an enormous amount of time (up to 90% or more in time savings) in calculating facility needs, course costs and potential revenue. It is a program that holds all data pertaining to your public safety-related courses such as; instructors type and how many, facility needs including prop type and classroom needs, and optimum student class size .
  • Why did we create it?—The need to streamline the calculating of facility needs, costs and revenue was apparent. Calculations for each course took precious time.  We developed the needs assessment software tool that performs tasks automatically. Once raw data concerning facility needs, students numbers, class sizes, instructor hours, and the like are entered, the file automatically computes the facility requirement, student throughput, potential revenue and class delivery costs associated with each course, as well as aggregate data for all courses combined.
  • What does it do?—The software creates a report for each course. An individual report for each class is generated. The report provides valuable data such as;
    • total training hours by prop
    • potential revenue for a particular course
    •  “What-If Reports” allows you to  change any number of variables within these reports to see what happens. For  example, changing class size, or the number of instructors, what is the drill ground impact on adding or removing training props?
  • Course Statistics—The Training Center Needs Assessment Software provides  vital cost/revenue information for each course. Once a course is picked from the drop-down list on the Home page, you can view statistics regarding costs and revenue over a period of four years. You can view how costs/revenue for that course compare to all courses combined. The program also gives you a snapshot of a particular course compared with all courses combined.
  • Revenue Forecasts—The program automatically provides you with revenue forecasts for all courses. The example below shows no data for the course, Advanced Supervision. In this case, there are no student numbers entered for the course, hence no revenue forecast. All of these calculation are done automatically, once the raw data is entered for each course.
  • Report Generator—The program generates many important reports that assist the evaluation of the training center project. Such as:
    • Total Student Hours
    • Class Length, including lecture hours / other hours
    • Instructor Hours
    • Consumables (examples: fuel, water, etc.)
    • Overhead factor
    • Students per year and quantity of classes
    • Total student hours
    • Facilities use by hour

Easy to Use

This program is menu driven. That means fewer mistakes, which can lead to inaccurate data. It provides instructions for all tasks, and prevents users from inadvertently changing data or formulas. It has an integrated User Guide to answer most of your questions regarding data entry and report generation. However, if you still have a question, contact us.