MERTS Astoria, OR

I has been a number of years. I had a free afternoon and spectacular weather; what better way to spend the beautiful than in Astoria Oregon!.

It has been nearly, 8 years since I last visited  MERTS (Marine and Environmental Research and Training Station) center.


Astoria, OR

In 1997 the college hired IBG to develop their strategic business. I am very proud to say that due to very hard work on the part of the college staff and at the time their US Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse (and a self serving plug, a strong strategic business plan) the project received funding from the US Navy and State of Oregon.

What a proud achievement MERTS has become! Their web site states the following Located on South Tongue Point, near the mouth of the Columbia River about four miles east of Astoria, MERTS is growing into the most comprehensive industrial and marine technology center in the Pacific Northwest. This a true understatement.

Main Campus Building

I took some pictures and posted them to the Interact Business Group Facebook page . The burn building was locked that was really too bad. I have never been inside! We were told that the burn rooms are in continuous use not only from the college students but the location fire departments gaining very valuable training from the building as well.

During the visit again we showed without prior notice or appointment. We were told that Bill Antilla and  Pat Killian is still working hard. Two very sold guys.

Congratulation to MERTS keep up the good work.