San Bernardino ARFF Training Center

San Bernardino ARFF Training Center

It has become increasingly difficult to economically find facilities where the live-fire drills can be conducted. Primarily due to environmental considerations all training facilities located in the Southwest United States are under mandate to ease operations. ARFF personnel in the southwest region of the United States are being forced to travel great distances at sizable expense to meet their training requirement.  The Business Plan developed by IBG presents the plan to build and operate The San Bernardino Regional Emergency Training Center. This Regional facility would serve the need for all Part 139 airports, mutual agencies, and industry to meet their ARFF training requirements.

Three agencies, the City of San Bernardino, The County of San Bernardino and The San Bernardino Community College District have come together to form a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) and act as the Sponsor of the ARFF Training Center. The JPA recognizes the importance of establishing a live-fire training facility within Southern California that complies with all applicable environmental laws, rules, regulations, and FAA training mandates. The parties of the JPA have previously worked in cooperation on other fire, rescue, emergency and hazardous materials issues for the mutual benefit of the parties, the residents of the area and all taxpayers.


The San Bernardino Regional Emergency Training Center is now fully operational and one of a few training centers capable of meeting the comprehensive training needs of Aircraft Crash Rescue Firefighters worldwide.

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