Renton Police Department

The City of Renton (WA) engaged the Interact Business Group, to prepare an assessment of a proposed training center designed to meet the needs of the City of Renton Police Department (RPD). The proposed facility has been tentatively named the “Renton Police Training Center” (RPTC).

This needs assessment is an important first step in helping key leaders make informed and knowledgeable decisions for the safety and well-being of first responders, the citizens, and property in their community.

To accomplish the needs assessment objectives, the Training Needs Assessment consisted of the following key elements.

  • Renton Police Internal Needs Assessment – A complete needs assessment of training population size (number of students) and the training hours required by the RPD at current training levels as well as anticipated future levels. Interact Business Group reviewed and validated existing needs assessment data gathered by the staff. Guidelines from national, state, and local training standards were identified. A complete analysis of Renton’s total training hours, class curricula, and training priority categories is documented.
  • Review and Evaluation of Existing Renton Police Training Conditions – A complete review of the RPD’s current training assets, locations, and methods.
  • An Evaluation of Potential Outside Users – An assessment of potential outside user training needs with information gathered at a focus group meeting of key law enforcement entities in the region.