Portland and Vancouver

Portland and Vancouver

Regional Public Safety Training Center

The involved agencies with the Portland/Vancouver Regional Public Safety Training Center Project commissioned Interact Business Group, to conduct research on several key issues related to the development of a training facility. IBG is a leading consulting firm specializing in the training needs, center requirements, and cost relationships of public safety training organizations. The report evaluated options and recommends the best and most practical course of action for providing required training activities for an informal consortium of public safety agencies

The project partners are:

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Washington County Sheriff’s Office
  • Vancouver Police Department
  • Vancouver Fire Department
  • Beaverton Police Department
  • Hillsboro Police Department
  • Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office
  • Gresham Police Department
  • Portland Community College
  • Clark County Sheriff’s Office
  • Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

At the direction of the Partners, IBG answered four questions in order to meet the expressed objectives of this report. The questions are:

  • What are the training needs of the Partners?
  • What training facilities do the Partners need to meet its training demands?
  • What are the cost factors and logistical advantages of creating a dedicated training center that would meet the Partners’ near- and long-term needs?
  • What are the cost factors and ongoing costs to operate and maintain the center?

A training needs assessment has been developed for the Partners. Training courses and student population take into consideration employment for the next five years with additional forecast provided be several Partners. The project team was asked to enter individual training class data into IBG’s “Training Database Program.”  The purpose of the program is to demonstrate the current and future training needs of the Partners.

This study has analyzed each training class and determined that all of the Partners are currently required to conduct at least 1,166,964 hours of training per year. This is the minimal number of hours required for the Partners to remain adequately prepared to carry out their expected job responsibilities. This total also includes forecasted training hours based on anticipated future training being developed by nationally recognized organizations.

Suitable land for development of a Regional Public Safety Training Center has been identified in Scappoose, Oregon, 325 to 350 acre parcel of vacant land located near the Scappoose Airport.

Development of a regional public safety training facility would address the current fact that public safety agencies in the area are faced with renting space to conduct their training.  They currently are unable to conduct valuable emergency vehicle operations training on a facility designed for that purpose, and are conducting critical firearms training at rented public shooting facilities that lacks specialized law enforcement firearms training systems.  A regionalized training facility would bring all area agencies together to train at facilities purposefully designed to address modern public safety training demands.

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