Palo Verde College Joint Training Center

Palo Verde College (PVC) has commissioned Traiden Global Solutions (TGS) of San Pedro California, to conduct research on several key issues related to the training of public safety and industry service personnel. TGS has asked Interact Business Group to specifically examine the training and facility needs of these entities. IBG is a leading consulting firm specializing in the training needs, facility requirements and cost relationships of public safety and industry training organizations. This report evaluates options and recommends the best and most practical course of action for PVC. Recognizing the expanded features and activities that are envisioned in this report, the training facility will be referred to as the Palo Verde College Regional Training Center (PVCRTC).

IBG’s approach to this project will be to focus on the training and logistical feasibility of creating a facility and provide training opportunities to the regions emergency response and industrial personnel.

The primary task of this report is to investigate and develop a strategic plan that may be used by key decision makers to make informed and competent decisions for the safety and well being of the citizens, students and property in the region.

PVC is situated on a mesa approximately 6 ½ miles northeast of the City of Blythe, in a fertile agricultural area of Southern California located along the Colorado River known as the Palo Verde Valley. The College’s service area includes approximately 20,556 people, with 12,456 of them residing in Blythe. PVC was founded in 1947 and opened its doors as a junior college within the Palo Verde Unified School District. The College experienced steady student growth and a few location changes over a fifty-four year period. It also separated from the Unified School District in 1973.