NYPD Police Academy

Interact Business Group was selected to the New York Police Department (NYPD) state-of-the-art training facility Police Academy Value Engineering Team.

NYPD project leadership asked IBG to apply best business practice to the the training center project and answer the question, “Does the design justify the 1 billion dollar cost?” Architects can do a tremendous job of designing an academy; the Interact Business Group ensured the design is justifiable. How many shooting lanes ranges, how many classrooms, forecast of training staff levels? These are expensive decisions, IBG ensured these decisions are prioritized, verified and justified.

Some project Tasks included:

  • Specific training staff job descriptions.
  • Training academy facility planning and efficiency models.
  • Making sure the training props are located in the right locations to maximize staff and student efficiencies.
  • Class cost delivery analysis. What does it cost to deliver training?
  • Academy operations and maintenance cost analysis based on curriculums and facility effectiveness.
  • Training class priority analysis. During funding, planning and construction phasing, what should come first?
  • Future trends in training academy technologies, cost, and effectiveness.


The 32-acre campus, located in College Point, Queens, and operated by the NYPD Training Bureau, is now fully operational, consolidating the old Police Academy in Manhattan and existing training facilities throughout the city into one central location. The 750,000-square-foot facility has nearly three times the amount of useable space as the old academy and features modern classrooms, a gymnasium and indoor track, and a tactical village that emphasizes hands-on scenario-based training. Mock-environment training rooms include a precinct station house, multi-family residence, grocery store, restaurant, park, court room, bank, and a subway car and platform.