Municipality of Monroeville

Municipality of Monroeville

The Municipality of Monroeville has commissioned the Interact Business Group to conduct research on several key issues related to the training of the municipality’s fire and law enforcement personnel. IBG is a leading consulting firm specializing in the training needs, facility requirements, and cost relationships of public safety training organizations. This report evaluates options and the most practical course of action for providing required training activities for the Municipality of Monroeville (Monroeville). At the direction of the Monroeville, IBG answered seven questions in order to meet the expressed objectives of this report.

    The questions are:

  • Who will use the training center?
  • What training will be provided at the training center?
  • What will it cost to build the training center?
  • What will it cost to operate the training center annually?
  • How will the training center operate on a daily or a yearly basis?
  • What is the cost benefit of the training center?
  • What forms of funding (grant) opportunities are available for the training center?

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