Loveland – Fort Collins Regional Training Campus

The Cities of Loveland and Fort Collins are collaborating on a project to build a Regional Public Safety Training Campus. The location is a 40 acre site within the boundaries of the Fort Collins-Loveland Airport. Currently, neither city has a training campus at which its police officers can accomplish the training they need at a level they desire. Loveland and Fort Collins first responders train at different locations both within and outside of their cities and many of these training venues are controlled by other entities. The disparate locations do not support a safe, secure, and consistent approach to training nor do they further the concept of realistic, scenario-based multi-discipline training efforts.

The Strategic Business Plan (SBP) developed by Interact Business Group is an important tool that can help key leaders make informed and knowledgeable decisions for the safety and well-being of city personnel, the citizens and property in their communities. The Strategic Business Plan evaluates options and recommends the best and most practical course of action for providing required training activities for the Loveland Police Department and Fort Collins Police Services.

The Cities of Loveland and Fort Collins wish to investigate the feasibility of constructing and operating a regional training campus for the delivery of law enforcement training to its uniformed staff. The SBP evaluates the existing training conditions, resources, and equipment of Loveland and Fort Collins and reviews existing training requirements, including student population size, detailed course titles, and course lengths. IBG has conducted its research adhering to the following guidelines as prescribed by the Partners:

  • Existing training methods will be reviewed.
  • The need and cost to develop a stand-alone Training Campus for LPD and FCPS personnel as its first priority will be evaluated.
  • Any new training facilities that may be considered should be designed to help personnel meet all federal, state, and local compliance guidelines.
  • All training equipment under consideration for a new training campus will be of the latest technology and design. Also, all facilities considered will meet current codes and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) where required.
  • All training equipment and facilities considered in this report will adhere to the following priorities:
    • Reliability
    • Functionality
    • Longevity
    • Safety