Laramie Fire Department

The City of Laramie, Wyoming Fire Department (LFD) is engaged in the process of planning and securing funding to update its existing training facility located at 2451 County Shop Road.. The City of Laramie commissioned the Interact Business Group Corporation (IBG) of Valley Center, California, to prepare a comprehensive strategic business plan that will serve the LFD and affiliated stakeholders today and well into the future.

The Strategic Business Plan is an important tool that can help key leaders make informed and knowledgeable decisions regarding the safety and well-being of city personnel, the citizens and property in their communities. This Strategic Business Plan evaluates options and recommends the best and most practical course of action for providing required training activities for the Laramie Fire Department. At the direction of the Department, IBG answered the following questions to meet the expressed objectives of this report:

  • Who will use the training center?
  • What training will be provided at the center?
  • What will it cost to build the center?
  • What will it cost to annually operate the center?
  • What are the preliminary site plans and equipment requirements?
  • What is the cost benefit of the training center?
  • What funding options are available?

To accomplish the business plan objectives, the IBG report included in-depth analysis of the following key areas:

  • Background & overview of the city and surrounding areas
  • Overview evaluation of existing training conditions
  • Training needs assessment of the Laramie Fire Department
  • Evaluation of regional training needs
  • Daily training grounds operations plan
  • Facility and Equipment Assessment Plan
  • Financial Estimate and Phased Cost Plan
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Funding Strategy
  • Go Forward Plan