Kitsap County Emergency Services Readiness Complex

Kitsap County Emergency Services Readiness Complex

The purpose of this report was to evaluate the most appropriate and efficient course of action related to meeting the training needs of the Kitsap County Emergency Services Readiness Complex. The Interact Business Group was contracted by the Readiness Complex “Joint Management Group” to conduct a strategic analysis of the organization’s current and future training needs and current facility needs and associated costs. This report included a complete needs assessment of the training population size (number of students) and the training hours required by the JMG at current training levels, as well as anticipated future levels. Conclusions were formed after a lengthy analysis of JMG’s requirements. The analysis included extensive interviews with key staff of the JMG. Further, federal, state, and local training standards for fire training were identified and incorporated in the needs assessment.
The completed needs assessment identified each required training class, total training hours, number of students for each class, training presentation level, and training facilities needed to successfully accomplish the training (classroom, training props, and so on).

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