George Washington University, READI Institute and Campus

George Washington University, READI Institute and Campus

Response To Emergencies And Disasters Institute (READI) was established with the help of a $5 million federal appropriation. READI is a comprehensive institute designed to train first responders READI will focus on providing emergency responders with a thorough understanding of emergency preparedness as it relates to terrorism, while developing and demonstrating “best practices” for emergency personnel nationwide. The initial focus of the programming will be targeted at preparing the National Capital Region (NCR). READI is a collaborative effort between George Washington University , George Mason University and Shenandoah University . IBG developed a Business Plan that may be used by key decision makers to make informed and competent decisions.

    Elements of the Business Plan included:

  • A validated accounting of current training hours, and future anticipated requirements.
  • Cost contributors for the design and operation of READI.
  • An operational organization plan for daily activities.
  • An appraisal of specialized training equipment, current and future needs.
  • An appraisal of training facilities, current and future needs.
  • A funding guideline for future construction and operations.

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