Fresno Police Department

Fresno Police Department

Fresno Regional Public Safety Training Center

It was the desire of the Fresno Police Department to develop a Regional Public Safety Training Center for their own use. Fresno PD provides their personnel with a minimum of 40 hours of annual in service training in order to meet State of California mandates as well as CALEA standards. The only law enforcement academy (new recruits) within the Fresno area was the State Center Regional Training Facility held on the campus of Fresno City College . The academy was unable to provide a complete Emergency Vehicle Operations Training course of instruction due to lack of suitable facilities. The Fresno Police Department brought in the Interact Business Group to act as consultants in developing a strategic plan for the development and operation of the Regional Public Safety Training Center . The report evaluates training options, site layout and cost estimate in order to recommend the best and most practical course of action for providing required training activities for the Fresno Police Department.



The Fresno Police Department Regional Training Center is a one-of-a-kind public safety training facility located in central California. The RTC covers almost 80 acres and features “smart” classrooms, seven firearms ranges (including a 200 yard rifle range), a 3-story tactical training house, sniper tower, Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, mat room, driving and force options simulators, and more.
In April 2009 the Fresno City Council approved the construction contracts to build the training center at a cost of approximately 12.8 million dollars. Ground breaking took place in May 2009.

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