Fairfax County Fire Rescue

Fairfax County Fire Rescue

Fairfax County Fire Rescue and Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority

For this project IBG was the principle research firm and served as sub-contractor to Teng and Associates (the prime contract holder). The Departments in this assessment are Fairfax County, Virginia (Fairfax) and the Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority (MWAA). The purpose of the needs assessment is to determine the current and future training equipment for Fairfax and MWAA.

The purpose of the business program is to map out the organization and operation of the facility for the near future. Training facility needs are prioritized based on consideration of various factors including first cost, revenue generation, demand and geographic considerations. Many of these factors were addressed in the Regional Training Facility Needs Assessment. In this program, operational issues include the identification of potential students and their population, programming of training curriculum, and hours of training operations. Organizational issues include the facility organization chart, facility personnel requirements and job duties, and priority procedures for training, schedule, and coordination. The architectural program was developed from the conclusions of the existing facility assessment and the future needs assessment.

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