El Paso de Robles Fire and Police Department

The City of El Paso de Robles (Paso Robles) Emergency Services and Police Departments are collaborating on a project to build a Public Safety Training Center on city-owned property.

At the direction of the Partners, IBG answered five questions in order to meet the expressed objectives of this report. The questions are:

  • Who will use the training center and what are their current/future training needs?
  • What training will be provided at the center?
  • How will the training center be managed and operated?
  • What will it cost to annually operate the center?
  • What is the potential of offering training classes to outside public agencies and, possibly, private industry?

The Paso Robles ESD and Police Department each place a high level of importance on ensuring that their personnel are well-trained and prepared to protect those they serve. They allocate a significant amount of time throughout the year providing classroom and hands-on training to their firefighters and police officers, most of which is required by regulation or policy. Currently, Paso Robles does not have a single, consolidated training center in the city at which its police officers and firefighters can accomplish the training they need to do at a level they desire. Paso Robles’s first responders train at different locations within and outside of the city; on both publicly-owned and privately-owned property.

The Project Tasks included:

  • Training Needs Assessment, for Paso Robles Police and Fire Department
  • Potential Outside Users
  • Outside User Questionnaire
  • Needs Assessment Report Data
  • Daily Operations and Management Plan
  • Governance Plan and Working Agreements For Outside User Agencies
  • Annual Operations and Maintenance Cost Estimate
  • Develop an best economic and logistics “phased” O&M cost estimate that parallels the projecting construction & training equipment phasing plan.