Colorado Department of Wildlife

Cameo Shooting and Education Complex

The State of Colorado will construct and operate a high-end Regional Shooting Sports Park complex offering a variety of entertainment options including rifle, pistol, shotgun, and archery sports. The complex will include specialty facilities for competitions and special events. It may include an adjacent RV park. By offering such a broad base of entertainment options, and by focusing on “Management” creating positive customer experiences, the Cameo Shooting and Education Complex (CSEC) will more closely operate as an amusement park than a traditional shooting range in terms of its appeal to multiple demographics. Selling the entertainment experience will result in a broader customer base, higher revenues, and greater profitability. It will also strive to generate traffic to the Palisade, Colorado area, resulting in significant secondary out- of-county sales to local businesses in the area, especially restaurants, hotels, and motels.

The Interact Business Group (IBG) was selected to prepare a strategic business plan for the shooting ranges and outdoor education complex to be located in Palisade, Colorado. The proposed facility has been named the “Cameo Shooting and Education Complex” (CSEC).

The Strategic Business Plan (SBP) is an important tool that can help key leaders make informed and knowledgeable decisions regarding the establishment, growth, and sustainability of a world-class shooting sports and outdoor education facility. This SBP evaluates options and recommends the best and most practical course of action for providing a wide range of activities that serve shooting sports enthusiasts from throughout the region, state, and country.

To accomplish the business plan objectives, the report has been organized to include the following chapters and sections:

  • Market Analysis Strategy
  • Specialty Range Shooting Disciplines Envisioned
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • User Forecast
  • Operations Plan
  • Staffing Plan
  • Job Descriptions
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Operational Cost Forecast
  • Establishment of a Non-Profit Foundation

Once it has been completed, the complex will be much more than just another place to safely shoot rifles, pistols, archery and shotguns. It will also be an educational and training facility, where kids can learn about the safe use of firearms and law enforcement can sharpen their skills. Plus, the complex will be a top destination for people from all over the world to participate in organized shooting competition.

Facilities will include:

  • Indoor Classrooms
  • ​Multiple ranges for rifle​, shotgun, pistol & archery​
  • Indoor ranges
  • An on-site pro shop

​Community benefits include:

  • 50,000 visitors expected annually​
  • Designed for education, training & national/international competitions and events
  • Generates year-round community business – increase business in off seasons


May 2017 – Cameo Shooting and Education Complex inaugurated by Gov. Hickenlooper, state dignitaries and 200 in attendance during ‘First Shot Ceremony”

The shooting range was officially introduced to the public at the May Grand Opening “First Shot Ceremony.”

The amount of partners vested in making this a reality is incredible. The entire community is supporting and acknowledging this project as a significant future economic development benefit.

Progress is underway for a new, world-class shooting and education facility in Western Colorado! The Cameo Shooting and Education Complex is moving forward with Phase 1 range layout and designs. A complex Executive has been hired.

After a lengthy negotiation process, the Town of Palisade, Xcel Energy and Snowcap Coal Company closed a real estate transaction that officially transferred ownership of an ideal site to the Town of Palisade. The purchase clears the way for CPW to begin designing and constructing the 2,000 acre complex in scenic Western Colorado.