Adams County Sheriff Office Flatrock Training Center

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office commissioned the Interact Business Group to conduct research on several key issues related to the training of the Sheriff’s Office’s law enforcement service personnel. IBG is a leading consulting firm specializing in the training needs, facility requirements, and cost relationships of public safety training organizations. This report evaluates options and recommends the best and most practical course of action for providing required training activities for the Adams County Sheriff’s Office.

At the direction of the Sheriff’s Office, IBG answered four questions in order to meet the expressed objectives of this report. The questions are:

  • What are the training needs of the Sheriff’s Office?
  • What training facilities does the Sheriff’s Office need to meet its training demands?
  • What are the cost factors and logistical advantages of creating a dedicated training facility that would meet the Sheriff’s Office’s immediate and long-term needs?
  • What are the cost factors and revenue potential of offering training classes to outside public agencies and industries?

The training center is operational and is known the “FLATROCK Law Enforcement Training Center”

FLATROCK is a state of the art regional training center.  It sits on 399 acres & is centrally located for easy access near the Denver International Airport.  FLATROCK offers 2 Tactical Firearm Ranges, a Force Option Simulator Room, a Defensive Tactics building, Classrooms and an Emergency Vehicle Operation Center featuring a Driving Track and Skills Pad.