How To Make Your Funding Case

Like it or not you are competing for funding against other worthy recipients in your city, county, or state. Your request needs to be the clearest, strongest and most comprehensive in order to be selected. In making your case you will need to demonstrate that you have done your homework, understand the business ramifications of a project of this magnitude, and can justify your need.

We are extremely proud of our track record of funding placement. Funding opportunities come in many forms and from many directions. At the Interact Business Group we often say “there is no silver bullet or magic carpet.” Obtaining funding for any project is a difficult task.

When Interact Business Group begins a new strategic business planning project, on the very first day, we start considering possible funding options. For example:

  • Are bond issues possible?
  • Is your location associated with a military base closure initiative?
  • Will the training center be built in a federally recognized enterprise zone?


“An in-depth early project phase Strategic Business Plan is key.”

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