Public Safety Funding Strategies

We take a very aggressive approach to developing a funding strategy for a project. In most cases several funding opportunities exist at the beginning of a project. As we go through the Strategic Planning Process new avenues may present themselves.

Once funding opportunities are identified we carefully engage in the following process. The process has been developed and refined over the years and has resulted in many successful training center projects.

Step 1: Identify Grant Opportunities

In this initial research phase we will complete a thorough investigation of federal, state, local, and private grant opportunities. This initial (and daunting task) cuts through the maze of bureaucratic listings and legal jargon to identify grant opportunities that match your project profile. This step enables you to identify and zero-in on real funding opportunities that match the training center project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Step 2: Develop the Grant Game Plan

Now that grant opportunities have been identified, we go to the next step, extract the details. What grants, identified above, offer you the best chance for success? For example, a granting agency has a track record of awarding funds for similar training or education projects, or a large private corporate foundation is a large employer in your town and may be willing to make a contribution. The Game Plan you implement will present your project its best opportunity for grant success. This step also includes an analysis of each grant in your Game Plan. The analysis determines your “chance for success” scorecard. Each grant in the Game Plan is rated based on its success factor — for example: submittal guidelines, due dates, past award record, and eligibility criterion.

Step 3: Call to Action and Implementation

The last but most important of the steps; this is where the real work begins. Grant writing is an art with a great deal of of science thrown in. After we have identified grant opportunities (Step 1) and developed a Game Plan (Step 2), now is the time to write the grant submission. The Call to Action and Implementation involves the actual writing (need and justification), submission, tracking, and award announcement of the grant’s proposal.