Feasibility Studies

Public Agencies that are considering a new training center or an expansion of an existing one must create a compelling case to spend significant public funds that could result in a police or fire training center that could operate at a loss.

Training Center Feasibility Study

Before embarking on such a project, it is prudent to spend a relatively small amount of time and money to test whether the project will be successful.

The Interact Business Group offers the solution: a Feasibility Study that will determine and document a project’s viability and probability of success. The feasibility study provides an analysis of possible alternative solutions and a recommendation on the best alternative.

For example: Your public safety agency may wish to create a new training center and has the two or more alternate locations. A Feasibility Study carefully considers the advantages and disadvantages of each location in the context of the Business Plan Process. The result may be a recommendation to proceed with one of the possible alternates or a recommendation to not proceed because the training center will not succeed.

Another example: Two or more agencies may be consider consolidating their training activities by downsizing into one location or developing a completely new facility. How will the departments work together? What is the cost share plan, construction cost and annual operating expense? These are very common questions that are answered by a comprehensive Feasibility Study by Interact Business Group.