Forensic Crime Lab Strategic Business Plan

“Building Roadmaps for Flawless Execution and Fiscal Accountability”

Forensic Crime Labs are an essential component of fighting crime. They are very expensive to build, operate, and maintain. This is where Interact Business Group comes in. We develop and write Strategic Business Plans for forensic crime labs. Here are the type of questions and challenges we can help answer and overcome:

  • Multiple Crime Lab Consolidation
  • Medical Examiner Office and Crime Lab Mergers
  • Multi Agency Regional Partnerships
  • New Lab Considerations; Equipment Planning, Operational Cost Planning, Workload Measurement, Staff Planning
  • New Equipment Forecasting and Funding Justification
  • Operational Cost Forecasting
  • Long Term Budget Forecasting

The Strategic Business Plan (SBP) serves as a road map into the future. The SBP is an important tool that helps crime lab leadership, key senior staff and elected officials make informed and knowledgeable decisions regarding the long-term direction for the lab. The strategic plan evaluates options and recommends the best and most practical course of action for providing a wide range of forensic lab activities deemed critical and necessary for the lab to successfully move forward.

Creating and operating a full service forensic crime laboratory that provides timely, expert, and professional examination of evidentiary materials to aid in the investigation, prosecution and/or exclusion of criminal offenses by utilizing sophisticated scientific equipment and proven techniques, is no easy task.

We have navigated these waters, we can help you avoid potential huddles and roadblocks.

The following graphic illustrates the typical Forensic Crime Laboratory Strategic Business Plan process.


We can, together, develop a Forensic Crime Lab Strategy Plan that will make your lab more efficient, work within your operational budget, and deliver flawless work.

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