Crime Gun Intelligence Process, NIBIN

Do you have an integrated process for your Crime Gun Intelligence Systems?

Are You Maximizing Your Gun Crime Technology Dollars?

One of the great challenges facing cities in the United States is the escalation of gun violence.  The direct fiscal effect of this violence is immense: an increased demand on law enforcement, social services, and medical services, stunted job creation, decreased property values and reduced confidence in city management to solve this dreadful problem.

Today, in many major cities, city leaders are implementing a targeted and fully integrated enforcement strategy to fight gun crime, coined Crime Gun Intelligence (CGI). CGI is an initiative created through a partnership involving the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). CGI was developed and implemented to maximize their considerable investments in revolutionary crime fighting technologies such as acoustic gunshot detection systems, ballistic identification systems, crime analysis software and social media tracking.  Most importantly, the CGI strategy is producing measureable reductions in firearms violence.  For example, Denver has experienced a 70% reduction in gun violence in areas where active serial shooters are identified, targeted and prosecuted. While solving homicides, the Denver Crime Gun Intelligence Center is also applying CGI protocols to address shooters – BEFORE a murder is committed.

The Interact Business Group (IBG) was at the forefront of the development of ATF’s CGI and is ready to assist your municipality in the development and implementation of a customized CGI process for your city. The IBG Crime Gun Intelligence Process (CGIP) is an innovative multi-layered preventative strategy and detailed process that integrates technology and personnel, resulting in a bottom line outcome of increased safety for citizens with the added benefit of significant cost savings to cities by reducing gun crime.

CGIP operates from the premise that the most efficient way to combat firearms violence is to leverage the critical data from the four sides of the gun violence pyramid:

  1. The specific location (WHERE),
  2. Specific days/time of the gun violence (WHEN),
  3. The source of the violence (WHO are the shooters)
  4. The cause of the violence (WHY).

Contact us today, allow us to listen to the unique crime gun issues within your city. We can, together, develop an ntegrated CGIP strategy with will work within your budget and maximize your existing budgeted dollars.