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Interact Business Group (IBG) has a proven-20 plus-year track record of providing Strategic Business Plans to Public Safety. Our consulting services focus on your most critical issues: operational effectiveness, cost limitations, efficiency, accountability, implementation and pride. A strategic business plan developed by IBG is the roadmap and guide to the future. Any organization can make do with incremental change – at least, for a while. But planning for the future means making bold moves and tough decisions today that will transform your department into the future. Our four areas of service are:

  1. Strategic Planning for Training Centers

  2. Crime Gun Intelligence Process

  3. Strategic Planning for Crime Labs

  4. Program Management

How It Started

In 1994, a business friend called from Alaska. He said that Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was considering building an Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) training center in the state. In order to qualify for funding the FAA needed a business plan, essentially for the sole purpose of determining the cost, logistics and feasibility of building a world class training center outside the lower 48. I had always been good with numbers and enjoyed challenges of dreaming and planning something that many thought was a little crazy. Of course I said YES and jumped at the opportunity to visit Alaska to help turn their “Vision into Reality.”

After some very hard work, great fun, and the incredible experiences that Alaska brings (Ever land at the Sitka Airport, or have moose outside you hotel door?) the strategic business plan I developed helped Alaska attain $15 million dollars. I am happy to report that today the center is still operational and serving the needs of the region’s firefighters.
Aircraft Firefighter Training

Kenai Alaska, ARFF Training Center

After Alaska, Things Moved Really Fast

Word of the successful Strategic Business Plan and the $15M Alaska award spread quickly among the first responder community. Over the next eighteen months our phone and fax machine (Yes, before cell phones, email and video conferencing!) rang continually. People were opening up to the idea of looking at public safety from a business standpoint.

In 1994 the idea of addressing funding for public safety projects from a business perspective was not considered. The concept of creating a “business plan” for public safety was a new approach. The application of best business practices of Cost Benefit Analysis, Partnerships Cost Share, and Long Term Cost Analysis was new.

Shortly following the Alaska project we developed the Strategic Business Plan and achieved funding for a State of Oregon project—this one, for a shipboard maritime training center located in Astoria. Then Washoe County Nevada retained us to develop their strategic business plan for a regional six-department public safety center. These projects were quickly followed by engagements in Florida, Pennsylvania, Missouri and California.

Firefighter Training Tower

Luzerne Community College, Nanticoke PA

Maritime Training Center

MERTS Center, Astoria, OR









Since that phone call back in 1994, IBG has grown into a national consulting firm. We are headquartered in northern San Diego County with subject matter offices in Baton Rouge, Austin and Denver. Over the years, I have been very fortunate to surround myself with a dedicated, hardworking group of people. For the most part they are active and former public safety professionals with subject matter expertise within their field’s service.

The public safety community is a very close knit group of dedicated people working hard every day to make communities and the country a safer and better place. At IBG, our success and gratification comes from knowing that we are doing our part in helping you make a difference. We are not a “cookie cutter” consulting firm. We develop actionable strategic plans that serve as roadmaps to the future.

We are a successful company today because, as I did with the good people of Alaska, we work hard at providing strategic guidance that provides project Accountability, and a roadmap to Flawless Implementation. The IBG strategic business planning process is customized to each project. Our business approach to your project will answer every question that you, senior staff, elected officials, and community citizens will have.

Our Subject Matter Experts have walked in your shoes. We understand fully the challenges you face, whether it be budget challenges, political entanglements, or community perceptions, we understand and will work hard to help you to attain your vision.

Public Safety Strategic Planning…  Creating Roadmaps for accountability, and flawless implementation

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