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Update on Arizona SB1070 Immigration Law

Over the past two years I have written several posts about Arizona Immigration Law #SB 1070. Here at the end of 2012 I am provided the most current news over the past six months. Frankly it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up when considering confusing court decision, continual law suits and daily news from the law enforcement on the ground in Arizona.

This is such a politically charged issue and I ALWAYS work very hard to stand politically in the middle on all issues and let  you decide how you stand. So here you go, have a look and click through the news links. Regardless of your position I am sure you will find the reading most interesting. Truly this is topic and heated “discussion” that will sure continue for many years to come.

NOTE: The articles are listing by date starting spring 2012 and ending September 2012

SB 1070: Supreme Court Appears To Favor Arizona – Huffington Post

Arizona immigration law: Supreme Court upholds key portion of

BREAKING: Decision Reached on Arizona’s SB 1070 – Katie Pavlich

Arizona’s SB1070 ‘Show Me Your Papers’ Provision Likely to Go Into

SB 1070: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, others react to judge’s ruling

Fire Apparatus Drivers Program

The DPSST Regional Fire Section is no stranger to remote delivery and over the last ten years has purchased a number of training props that can be moved around the state to assist with the needs of the Oregon Fire Service. The latest addition to the Oregon Fire Training toolbox is the Skid Avoidance for Fire Apparatus Drivers (SAFAD) Program. As designed, the program is similar to that used by the law enforcement community with the noticeable difference between the Fire Service and that of law enforcement training being the use of a Ford F-650 crew cab truck with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) rating up to 24,000 pounds instead of the police package sedan. The concept of the program started several years ago and came together towards the end of 2008 and early 2009 as a result of several tragic accidents involving Oregon Fire Service drivers. As with law enforcement emergency vehicle operation course (EVOC), the foundation of the Fire Service Program is a sound base of training that emphasizes the dynamics or performance characteristics of the vehicle, an awareness of the space occupied by the vehicle and how this impacts the overall environment, taking into consideration driving conditions.

Driver/Apparatus Operator Competency

Once the base knowledge, skills and abilities have been established or identified through such standards as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Driver/Apparatus Operator Competency, the SAFAD curriculum provides the actual hands on experience to support and reinforce the base training.

In designing the program the goal was established to provide each attending operator the psychomotor skills and mental attitudes that are essential to becoming the most competent, skillful and responsible driver possible. Overall, the program performance objective is to reduce Oregon’s statistical numbers in the national list of accidents and injuries. In the past 12 years, 16 Oregon firefighters were killed in vehicle crashes while on duty.


To deliver the training, various solutions were considered, with DPSST ultimately choosing SKIDCAR Systems. The SKIDCAR System consists of two hydraulic platforms mounted to the front and rear axles of the truck. An instructor who is seated next to the driver adjusts the grip using a computer that is slaved to the hydraulic platforms. The instructor is able to create and repeat circumstances where it is possible for the driver to lose control, experience common roadway hazards, and do so at low speeds with no physical risk to the driver, instructor, or equipment.

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Article from: DPSST November 2012 Newsletter, Volume 1 Issue 3
Department of Public Safety, Standards & Training, 4190 Aumsville Hwy SE Salem, OR 97317