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Portland Community College, Training Center Project

We had our third very productive meeting in Portland, OR. The weather was Chamber of Commence perfect. The Thought Leader Group met at the beautiful Rock Creek Campus. The group continues to provide excellent input as to their most pressing needs and how the college can best serve the community.

Thought Leader Group; Training Center Planning Group

Fire and Police Planning Group

3 Trends – Jobs in Public Safety

I have highlighted three job creation trends specific to public safety: internships, high school programs and veteran programs. The following articles from Emergency Management and Fire Chief Magazines respectively outline two excellent programs that are not necessarily new but are more timely and essential than ever. The third article is the announcement of the Veterans Job Corps initiative to help returning veterans. Please let me know what you think and if you have any jobs programs from your community you would like to share.

IACP Alzheimer’s Initiatives Training Program

This is such an important issue that needs exposure and publicity. With more than 5.4 million Americans currently living with Alzheimer’s disease and approximately 500,000 new cases of this disease emerging each year, projections pronounce that there will be as many as 16 million Americans that will have Alzheimer’s by 2050.

To help law enforcement protect this special population, IACP’s Alzheimer’s Initiatives program is committed to helping first responders improve their knowledge and skills to safeguard this special population.

With the help of a a grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, the IACP is to be commended for their active participation in this critical training and education endeavor. The following IACP summarizes it best:

It’s not a question of whether law enforcement will be dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, but rather when we’ll encounter Alzheimer’s disease, and how we’ll respond.

Training Opportunities

IACP’s Alzheimer’s Initiatives training program is currently accepting participants for December 2012 – June 2013 training sessions. The no-cost, one-day training sessions feature in-depth instruction to help your department enhance its capacity to handle calls involving people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. Click on the link below dates and locations for claases: Current Training Opportunities

This space does not allow to due justice to all the wonderful things IACP is doing to address Alzheimer’s in law enforcement so I have add below some links that are well worth your time.

More Sources of Information:

IACP Program Overview and Brochure

Alzheimer’s Association

National Institute on Aging (NIA)

Quantifying Stress in Police Training

by John Wills

We know the importance of training in police work as it relates to our survival. Anyone who is not familiar with the axiom, The way you train, is the way you fight, has probably been hiding underneath a rock somewhere in the mountains. Stress influences the way we react to situations on the street. What we as trainers need to understand, and subsequently structure our courses to combat, is to somehow replicate that stress, and train our officers to win, in spite of the deleterious effects that stress has on our performance.

In 1998, Bruce Siddle conducted research involving officers in an identical training scenario with various stressors included. There are not many studies of this kind, since controlling all of the variables and quantifying results is an enormous task. Nevertheless, Siddle embarked on this ground breaking journey, and titled the work, Combat Human Factors: Triggering the Survival Circuit.

In the study, he discussed a great many things, to include how we shoot. He compared and contrasted Isosceles and One Hand Point shooting, as they relate to close quarter combat.

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 John is a former Chicago police officer and retired FBI agent. He writes both non-fiction and fiction in the form of novels, short stories, articles and poetry. John is an award-winning author who created The Chicago Warriors Thriller Series. He has published more than 125 articles in print and online (see his monthly article on and is working on his sixth book.